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A subscription-based application that allows unlimited screening of any episode of any show or movie. It thus provides one single platform to watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Launched on March 9, HBO NOW allows on-demand subscriptions and provides access to a large collection of original programs, movies and other content on any device. Unlike HBO GO, HBO NOW does not require a television subscription.

  • In the present times, HBO NOW has successfully managed to gather an audience of up to 5 million users due to its excellent features and outstanding HBO Service panel.
  • Initially. HBO now offers one of the largest libraries to its viewers comprising of HBO originals .

HBO NOW Customer Service

With a large availability and over 5 million users, HBO has managed to keep its customers happy. However, none of it comes without keeping a foot in the viewer’s shoes and understanding their problems. HBO NOW has therefore created HBO NOW Customer Service that caters to every possible problem that a viewer might face during surfing the application.

Some of the commonly observed problems among the users are:

  • How to create an account creating an account
  • Issues in the editing information
  • payment transaction error
  • Issues in renewing the subscription
  • Issues in recovering or changing the password
  • Cant  subscribe the plan

Every user always wants a hindrance-free entertainment and HBO Team is committed to providing that. In case any user faces any of the problems mentioned above or any additional query should contact the HBO NOW Customer Service that will immediately assist you and provide with an easy solution.

To create a direct conversation with the customer care expert the user can dial HBO NOW Phone Number.

 It provides an easy and reliable solution as soon as possible.

Technology makes our life easier but sometimes can be quite difficult to use due to many arising complications. Thus, no viewer should be hesitant in contacting the service team even if he/she faces any small problem with the application because at HBO NOW every customer is valued the most and his/her presence matters the most.

Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

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