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Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange, which was established in China and currently operates through Singapore, in the year 2018, it was registered as a public company in Hong Kong. Huboi exchange came to prominence in the news 2017, when it stopped the users to withdraw Bitcoin from their wallet in 2013, the Huobi Group premeditated a digital currency exchange that now allows its users to trade more than 190cryptocurrency pairs. Getting started for any company is not easy. When it starts customer service plays an important part. This is the same case with the Huobi Customer Service. As by helping the users of the exchange it is increasing the loyalty of the user toward the exchange.

Huobi Customer Service

Before you know how the Huobi Customer Service is helping you, you should know about the Huobi Exchange. Huobi is an Asian exchange which has the headquarter in Singapore. It has a facility of using it in multi-language with offices in countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and The United States. Here are some of the common features which are offered by the Huobi.

  • Efficient funding
  • Support different cryptocurrencies
  • Trading at low cost
  • Trade virtual assets.

Here are some of the problems that make it one of the vulnerable sites for the cyber attack:

  • Account Hacks
  • Verification

About Huobi Customer Service

While using the Huobi Exchange you can face problems which can give you a headache. This can make your experience while using the exchange of a complicating one. But with the help of the Huobi Customer Service, you can convert it into a euphoric one. When you contact the Huobi Customer Support you get to talk to the person who is fully trained and knows each and everything about the exchange. By using this approach you will be saving time and all the hard work you had to do on the internet. And the information you collect from the internet is not usually accurate in comparison to the information you will be getting from the customer service.

If you call the Huobi Customer Support you should expect the complete assistance from them. They will be guiding you at any moment of the stage while operating the Huobi Exchange. Even if you are in the middle of the transaction and having the problem. The customer service can guide you even at that moment.

So you should not think twice to call customer service. It is because you might lose the money if you do the wrong transaction. You can call them whenever you want as they provide you the 24/7 service


There are various problems that you might face and are quite common among the users. Some of them are discuss below:

  • The problem when you are signing up or signing in the account.
  • You are somehow not able to log in your account.
  • Having the verification problem
  • You have forgotten the password and now have no idea how to retrieve it.
  • Having some transaction problems
  • There is a delay in currency withdrawal.
  • Not able to get the two-factor authentication.

You might be able to find the answer on the internet but the best approach is to call the +1888-254-9656 Huobi Customer Service.


You might not be able to find the official number of the Huobi Exchange. If you are having any of the problem that is mention above or any other then you should call the Huobi Customer Service immediately.

Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

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