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Popmoney is a payments service that lets its users transfer, send or receive money from one person to another. It was developed in December 2010 by CashEdge which is now a part of Fiserv. Popmoney lets people make transactions electronically. Popmoney stands for “Pay Other People Money”. It was founded by Sanjeev Dheer and has its headquarters in New York.

To use Popmoney, one has to sign up on the official website of Popmoney, popmoney.com or download the mobile application and then submit your bank account details and connect your bank account to Popmoney. There are many banks in the US who now work with Popmoney. Users whose banks are already associated with Popmoney can directly link it to their banks from the bank’s online website or mobile application. Contact Popmoney Customer Service For further Queries Users then can send or request money from their contact list. The other person will receive notifications on email or mobile numbers.

How does it work?

Users first have to sign up with the application from the Popmoney website. If their bank is linked to Popmoney, they can directly link Popmoney to their bank accounts from their bank’s website or mobile applications. All the Popmoney users can directly send, receive or request money from their contacts. The contacts, in this case, do not require to be a Popmoney user or sign up to it. They can simply carry the transactions. You can contact the Popmoney Customer service 24/7 for any queries that you have.

How to send money via Popmoney

To send money from Popmoney, the user must sign in or log in to their Popmoney accounts. Only Popmoney registered users can send money from this service. The registered users can send money from their debit cards or directly from their bank accounts. They can send money either to the recipient's email address or even to their phone number. The recipient does not require to be a registered member of Popmoney or sign up to their accounts. They will be notified via email or an SMS on their mobile numbers when they receive payments. For recipients not registered with Popmoney, their bank account details have to be filled so that payments can be transferred there.

Receive money via Popmoney

The receiver or recipient does not require to create an account with Popmoney or sign up to their existing Popmoney accounts. They can directly receive payments and money from the service. Whenever a person sends money to another person, the recipient will receive an email and SMS on their mobiles. The recipient then will be asked to fill up their bank account details to Popmoney so that their funds could be transferred there. Once the amount is credited to the bank account of the recipient, he or she will receive confirmation via email and SMS.

Popmoney Customer Service

Most of the general troubles and queries of the customers are answered in the FAQ section of the website and mobile applications. In case of any questions or doubts you have, we suggest you go through the FAQs. Even then if you feel your issue is not resolved, feel free to contact on the toll-free number, Our executives are available to serve you any time of the
day. They are available all the days during the year.

You can also send an email regarding your query from the registered email address and the customer service team will get back soon to you at the earliest. Live chat support team also is available every time to solve troubles and doubts of the users. But in case you feel your problem is a bit serious, we suggest you contact the Popmoney Customer Service 1888-254-9731 team immediately on their toll-free.

Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

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