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ShapeShift supports global trading of a number of cryptocurrencies via web and mobile platforms. It provides the safest way to buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many other blockchain tokens. It was launched in 2013 in Switzerland and is currently used worldwide. The company doesn’t collect any personal information from its customers. ShapeShift Customer Service, Toll-Free, Helpline Phone Number, Office Address, Email support, Login, Complaints- ShapeShift is a safest and fastest digital asset exchange Company that offers global trading of a variety of digital assets via web and mobile programs. 

This Company was founded on 1 August 2014. It provides a fast exchange of currencies and doesn’t charge any fees from the customers for exchanging one cryptocurrency with another. This feature makes it different from the other companies which are providing cryptocurrency exchange services.

ShapeShift makes it easy for customers to exchange currencies. You just need to select the blockchain tokens you wish to exchange, input your receiving address and send the funds. No additional fees will be charged on your transaction and hence you will be able to enjoy a fast and a delightful process of exchange. You don’t even need an account for making exchanges at ShapeShift.

 ShapeShift offers a numerous amount of other advantages and services which you can avail. You can contact ShapeShift Customer Service to gather complete information about the services offered by ShapeShift and also to understand the digital exchange process.

ShapeShift Customer Service

One needs to learn about all the basic and advanced techniques to deal with digital assets. While trading or exchanging any cryptocurrency, you must be aware of the pros and cons so that you don’t face any loss. To learn about how the exchanges at ShapeShift occur, you can contact the ShapeShift Customer Service.

You may have a lot of queries in your mind before you make a purchase of any cryptocurrency. But don’t worry, all your questions can be answered with a good customer service network. You can retrieve all the necessary information from the ShapeShift Customer Service.

ShapeShift doesn’t have any specific customer support phone number and hence you will have to search forums to avail help from ShapeShift Customer Support. But there are some external sources from where you can avail help to resolve your Shapeshift related issues.

You can dial the USA ShapeShift Customer Service Number. You will not have to wait for the experts to respond, you will receive instant answers to all your questions and also step by step guidance to resolve any issue you may face while handling exchanges at ShapeShift.

Some common issues at ShapeShift:

  • You may fail to access you ShapeShift account.
  • You may be unable to verify your email address.
  • Is It easy to create a ShapeShift account?
  • You may not be able to make bitcoin transactions.
  • You may fail to view your current funds and tokens.
  •  reset your password.
  • Your identity verification may fail.
  • You may not be able to close your ShapeShift account.
  • You may not be able to create your wallet tat ShapeShift.

Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

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