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Verizon Wireless is an America based telecommunications company. It is a subsidiary type company that serves for the wireless products and services in the country. The company’s official name is Cellco Partnership and is popularly known as Verizon. Verizon is the largest wireless Telecommunication service provider in the US that is a Verizon Email Customer Service Number.

It was founded in April 2008 in New Jersey, America. It has its headquarters in New Jersey and has over 2330 owned retail stores across the country. Ronan Dunne is the President of this country. Verizon has the largest network of 4G LTE service and covers approximately 98 percent of the US population. The company declared that they will be soon launching the 5G network in the country.

Because of being the largest telecommunication service in the US, it has a very strong Customer Service team that is always available to solves queries of the users. You can call any time at the 1888-254-9645 Verizon Customer Support Number in case you have any trouble with internet or basic services of the operator. The Verizon Support Number is toll-free and available 24/7. Customers can also contact the Verizon email customer service number for instance assistance.

Verizon email customer service number

The best way to contact customer service is by sending an email. No need to wait in long waiting while calling the customer support number. You can simply write an email with the troubles you are facing and the customer support representatives would get back to you with a solution. Verizon’s email support service is completely reliable and the most
trusted and convenient one when compared to the email support of other telecommunication services. The customer support team brings resolutions to all the troubles without getting you in much hassle. Some common email regarding issues faced by users with the service is listed below. You can follow the steps alongside to get the desired solutions.

What to do when email Verizon shows a sign in error?

There may be many reasons leading to the sign in problems. Following the steps, users can easily sign in to it. If it still does not happen, try the options below. Open the browser on your computer and go to the Verizon email website. Open the email sign in page and fill the correct and registered username and password. If you still fail to sign in, clear browsing history, caches and make sure you have a strong internet connection.

What to do if you are not able to send email?

Make sure your computer is connected to a good and strong internet. Make sure you have put down the correct email and password. Check the draft folder of your email. Sometimes, sue or low internet or any other reason, the email is moved to draft if unable to send. Ask the recipient of the email to check the spam folder in their email.

Report for a spam email.

In many cases, users receive ample spam emails. It is easy to get rid of them. Open the browser from the computer and then your email account. So Click and open the spam email option. Right below the option of the mail message, click on the link of Report Spam Email. Follow the steps on the link opened to get rid of spam emails.

Recover Hacked email account

Make sure you never share such email ids or passwords with anyone but trusted people. So We suggest our users keep such details confidential. In case you face any such situation, immediately change the password of the email and enable the security features on the Verizon email. Make sure you report the hacked account to 1888-254-9645 Verizon email customer service for security purposes and they will take care of the rest.

Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

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