Remitly customer service

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In case you are not able to use Remitly customer service Number ? Directly contact on  Remitly Customer service to get quick solutions. If your issues have not to be resolved through Remitly toll-free number then you can contact executives of the company.  Remitly customer service is very startling and admires by the customers.

Remitly customer service

The 1888-254-9731 Remitly Customer Service is a simple and suitable service for everyone who pays and receives the amount for products or services. Custom solutions are given to charities and it is not for gains. Remitly contacts with buying and sellers online. Remitly connects with buyers and sellers online. For buying, you have to sign up your account by simply using your viable email address and simply link your PayPal account to your bank accounts. For sellers, you have to arrange a business account through 1888-254-9731 Remitly Customer Service, choose the type you are willing for your business and join Remitly to yourself, to a partner.


This is a mobile payments service provider established in 2011. Remitly head office is in Seattle, US, the company allows swift international money sends from the US, UK, and Canada. The customer can transfer money to a number of nations that consists of India, Mexico, Colombia, Philippines, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and El Salvador. The licensed money transmitter processes millions of dollars in transactions every months.

It is permitted to do business in all 50 states. Remitly also partners with top banks around the globe. To initiate transfer money, sign up on the Remitly platform and make your account. Proceed to enter recipient details, consisting of bank statistics. You can transfer money from checking/savings account or credit card. There will be a sending limit for the new customer. This however can be changed after verification.

Remitly Maintain Money

Once the amount has been sending, the recipient will get SMS with the reference number and instructions on how to maintain their money. There are two choices available for transfering money – Express and Economy. While Express transfers are there within 4 banking hours, Economy transfers take 3- 5 business days but have cheapable rates. The Rates & Fees section on the network has the description of rates for Economy or Express service. There will be an extra charge for credit card transactions.

If you are willing to cancel your transfer you can do the same by login into your account or contacting the Remitly support. Credit card or debit card repay can take 3 to 5 banking days to complete. Bank account returns can take 5 to 10 banking days. For more statistics or issues on registration, payment, return, cancellation, or others, reach the Remitly customer service.

Problem Customer Have To Face While Using With Remitly:

The issues that customer have to face while using Remitly are as follows:

  • How to use Remitly to transfer money?
  • Not able to cancel the transfer
  • How to check the status of transfer?
  • Not able to update my transfer recipient
  • Not able to change or cancel my transfer

Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

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